08 August, 2007

Close and Yet So Far Away

I have been accompanying my friend while he shows another out-of-towner our city and area. In an effort to show the best, I have been on the lookout for the atmosphere that drew me here. What a great way to look through someone else’s eyes at the beauty we often take for granted. Helping to slow down time much like meditation does. With this, it puts aside the small inconveniences that seem to bother us and take the forefront in life. Finding Darshan Ambient’s music to listen to on long walks that I have done, because I have to do them while I can. I am well aware of how time flies, and the eventuality of our aging. Time is now, right at this very moment to be happy against all odds. Besides, why take the bus when you have good music?

The photo on the bottom does convey well how I have been feeling lately, I am riding the low valleys of life's cycles. But since I take no drugs, this to me is a natural state only to be followed be sunny peaks. Luckily, I have friends around me so I don't have time to be worried about this at all. One trip to volunteer on Monday at the hospital puts life in the proper perspective.

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