05 June, 2009

Ghost Dancers

Fang provided some entertainment yesterday nearby Sri Boonruang Temple, when a local house hired a shaman to get rid of ghosts. The band did jam, and people filed in to get a blessing from the shaman and then dress up and dance. It went on all day and night and I can hear the music from the temple. It was fun to see a non-tourist event like this, and it not far from what I have seen in Isan in the past.

Well, we have been blessed with a happy schizophrenic in this program. A new age child, full of thoughts and weird segways…but harmless. I am not really sure how he got in, but it will be and has been a source of transforming adverse conditions. He is not really interested in dharma, but probably does not have capacity to focus. The great thing is the Thai’s don’t care about crazy farangs, and I am not very different looking than he, so I appear as crazy as is…which I find funny. I think they have one more like it in the program that has seen maybe 30 so far go though. It makes it difficult to discuss Dharma anytime he is involved in the conversation.

The best thing here is being around the youthful energy of the “chunky monkies,” innocent and funny, yet respectful, kids. One saw me walking across the grounds in the rain and ran out and put an umbrella over my head. Some of which are poor kids just here for an education and live here, some are bused in for school in their robes.

Tonight, we did chanting with monks in front and us three in the back of them, then a whole school of kids behind. One of the resident dogs that looks like a miniature Doberman pitcher at the beginning of the chants decided to jump at me at my hands in prayer, wanting to play. I hid my hands under my pants and he would nip at my arms, and I was busting up, and all the “monkies” were laughing. They just finally grabbed him and petted him as we started the chants then he fell asleep. Out of all the kids in the temple and he picked me, I guess because I play with him outside. I think petting him is where I got my eye infection.

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