17 June, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Day At Temple School

One of the great things about being in orange and older, the novices tolerate me when I sit around watching them create 3-D displays as gifts for their teachers. But looking at how this may sound to someone considering this program, it is not just a photo opportunity. You can personally connect with the novice, being one and work on personal growth while on the path.
It really seems foolish to me to be interested without being on a buddhist path, you are less likely to understand it all, and so participation will be not have your heart involved leading to pure intention. And Thai's sense this, which will fall back in your face in subtle ways. Sure you will be tolerated, and never confronted. Anyway, this is just my opinion.
First, quite a few novices, go around and outside temple ground to gather flowers and leaves, and find some clay soil. No one bought any art supplies, and they use jostick bamboo sticks or thin wire for support. They have no drawings or photographs to work from and little if any supervision. The novices just do what there are good at and with few disagreements. Sure, some chirp in what or how to do things, and most are working in groups of 5 or more. Some displays are based on old Thai style that are seen in many temples from lay people wanting to earn merit. All this, while the teachers are off for the day.

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