01 June, 2009

Island and Birthday Surprise

The mystery of leaving for the airport in the dark humid night is lost when I consider that it almost means leaving my partner. It is supposed to get easier and it does only somewhat. Last night he said he did not want me to go or to leave him for that matter. Saying, “this is your intent, so go.” It wasn't bitter tone and for the first time he said you don’t have to because I love you. If you have any trouble or anything call me. You would think I was going to war not a temple to be monk.

This past weekend was great in a few ways. Saturday, we went to Koh Kret to check it out. Going by boat to Nonthaburi, then on by bus for almost an hour to Pak Kret to take a small boat crossing ferry. Arriving just as the ominous clouds were going to soon give the island a wash. We walked up the plank and took a very short walk into the island where Mons make pottery, meeting a guy who showed us quickly around the kilns but said you had better hurry and get back. We made it back to the crossing and over in time to grab bikes and rush to where the buses stop just as the clouds unleashed their fury. On the way back to Bangkok by bus, I was talking with my partner about some details of our history. I asked him what year his grandma died, and in the process filled in some detail that I missed over the years. I knew about most but vaguely and he holds back much emotion from his past life’s troubles. Retelling his story that lead up to his good fortune now starting his masters with my help, he hit a few tough parts and tears welled up in his eyes. One could easily feel empathy and it was all I could to not burst out in tears myself, if it wasn’t for the fact that we were on this bus. There were few people aboard, it was raining hard and water running down the outside of the bus only highlighted his tribulations. I put my hands on eyes, to quiet the feeling, but he and I knew that there is a great ending to these past problems…our love.

On Sunday, my birthday, we went shopping for pants for university since he no longer has to wear a uniform. He found three he liked, and he said I tam booned(making merit) for him on my birthday, joking. Later I came home to pack a small bag for temple, and he would meet me after seeing if his friend could come celebrate his birthday and mine later. He arrived back and said his friend was too busy to come by, and we continued talking. My partner answered the door, and it was a surprise…it was his friend with a birthday cake for me. He had planned the whole out!

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