12 June, 2009

Helpful Novices: Pali Blessing for Alms Round

Surely no surprise, once we ordained they really warmed up to us, and here they are helping us with Pali. We need to say this blessing correctly, to bestow blessings on those who offer food. If there is one thing everyone should do, is try this for one time. It brings both humility and honor walking in a line, barefoot and with eyes cast down and not talking. Waking at dawn, and walking as the sun rises seeing noble people wanting to make merit. We often get the best food on these rounds, still warm from cooking. We don't beg, nor ask. It offers a connection with the community, and they are used to foreigners who appreciate the commitment and life of a monk enough to become one. The alms are shared with the whole temple. I find it sets a mindful tone all day.

The prayer blessing, loosely translated says:
May you be happy and live long.
For one of respectful nature who
constantly honours the worthy,
Four qualities increase:
long life, beauty, happiness, strength

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