04 June, 2009

Sideline Trip out of Temple and Alms Round

At dawn, I followed monks on an alms round to get familiar with what I will have to do. Then five of us went on a tour along the Myanmar border, and to see a few hill tribes, some of which provide this temple with novice Monks. We did this trip before two of take precepts. With us are two other participants that are studying Buddhism in university back in the US, and will hate to see them go, as they accent most everything we do with their knowledge and willingness to share. We saw a cave which monks use of and on for the cave tradition, three different villages with different languages, and visited the area near the border. Feeling that this took away from our studies here at the temple, but it was interesting and allowed as the program is unstructured. And with the great company of our Dharma teacher who is happy and funny. Upon returning we watched the novices and their monkey pet providing a funny ending to a great day. So with the living, breathing temple there is time for fun. I have an eye infection, and got drops so it makes hard to see.

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Maga said...

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