15 June, 2009

Patom's Surprise

They say that a good story finds itself. Last night out of the blue while busy on the computer, Patom(said Paa-TUUM) came into my room, with a candle in alm’s pastry from Monday, singing “Happy Birthday to You!” It was a total surprise, and I know that is one easy way to commun-icate in English to me that he remembers. Any English spoken slowly and clearly in song is much easier to recall. I thought how sweet, and how ironic that after I made the start to become a monk on my birthday(which he doesn’t know), this happens. Ket has moved in once my roommate monk left, wanting to sleep under my platform as a sign of respect.

The first night on Sunday, he had an elder novice stay with him on the floor, but that novice was out of the net so he got bitten too much. We have to sleep in sarong and a one arm shirt, almost dressed inorder to keep with the precepts. So along with Patom, I see several novices for English and snacks before bed, it kind of wipes out meditation time…but when else will this ever happen?

Patom has made himself at home, grabbing a shelf locker to store his food booty for late snack and command-eering my flashlight. He uses my bathroom to wash his robes while singing Pali prayers. Here he is having warm milk, just before he crashes, saying, “Hey you, sleeping now!” to get me off the computer.

I had to snap the night shot of him under my bed, this morning, before the morning chime was sounded at 5am. Along with those photos are alms spread from this morning still warm in the bowl, and then Patom demanded we eat together before he took off to school. This does agree with what my partner said of the needs of the children everywhere for warmth, two posts below. But this also to say that there is no lack of love here at this temple, with the abott working right along side novices in a sweat digging to help build a new meditation spot along the main wihan.

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